White Knight Dom Academy (1st Semester)

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Classes are officially kicked off for White Knight Dom Academy, 1st Semester. Now that Lucian and Tara have won the Dom Wars, they are teaming up with Steve, their limo driver from the Dom Wars competition and his sex-crazed wife Susan, to help do what it takes to get the millions still owed them.

The requirement: Teach the art of dominance and submission to 5 couples in 5 years and sell X amount of Adult Toy products to the virgin-minded town.

The Plan: Lucian and Tara find couples that need money and then bribe them to classes, while Steve and Susan sell the company's products. Couples in the town are fairly easy to come by and sweet oils with romantic candles are going to be a cinch to move. But the nightmare sex toys that seem straight out of the bowels of a demon's sweatshop are the problem.

The only thing to do is rename and repackage these abominations and pass them off as useful daily products one simply can't live without. All while hiding their connection with Dom Wars--or Porn Wars as the locals would call it--to avoid getting kicked out of Gramma's home-town--with Gramma included.